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Custom Hinges and Unique Hinge Manufacturing

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Custom Hinges Manufactured to Your Exact Specifications

Unique hinges built to your exact specifications are possible. At Midlake, we
have more than 30 years of experience in the custom hinge business.

Built for your specific application

Whether you need a simple custom hinge with specific hole locations or more unique profiles with forms and bends, PEM hardware, machined pins, springs or 3D Printing, Midlake can do it. We make hinges for every industry.

Midlake specializes in manufacturing
hinges that don’t exist off the shelf.

By combining the capabilities of a metal fabricator with the experience of a hinge manufacturer, we make custom hinges cost effective, even with shorter lead times.

Examples of Custom Hinges

Why Midlake Products?

Flexible manufacturing capabilities
Trusted by OEMs, job shops and manufacturers
Cost-effective custom solutions

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