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Laser Cutting

Laser Cutting

Fiber laser cutting allows us to switch between small batch runs to large-scale production quickly and efficiently.

Fiber Laser Technology

Midlake uses fiber laser technology, which is a precise and cost-effective method for cutting sheet metal. Using a laser beam to cut metal gives us the flexibility to cut virtually any configuration. Unlike stamping presses or turret punches, lasers are not constrained by tooling. 

Better Lead Times

Fiber lasers are more than three times as fast as traditional CO2 lasers. In addition, Midlake utilizes laser automation for lights out production, providing better lead times for our customers.

Why Lasers?

Laser cutting is more flexible and faster to production than other methods of cutting sheet metal. The laser cuts with excellent repeatability, and the lasers can hold +/-.003” tolerances.  

Advantages of Automated Laser Cutting

Our advanced laser-cutting technologies offer benefits that give you a competitive edge, including:

Faster lead times for any complex configuration.

Excellent repeatability and cutting quality at lower operating costs.

Tight tolerances of ± .003”.

Laser Cutting

Our Method

Sometimes you need to switch between large production runs and smaller batches of different materials and various sizes in a matter of minutes. Our advanced fiber laser technology provides you with flexibility and accuracy, unlike other methods of cutting metal. With automated capabilities for lights-out production, we help decrease your lead times at lower operating costs.

Maximum Sheet Size

120” x 60”

Maximum Material Thickness

Mild Steel: 1”
Stainless Steel: 1”
Aluminum: 0.750”

Maximum Material Weight

2,000 lbs.

Materials We Laser Cut

Some of the most common materials we laser cut include:

Midlake Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel

Midlake Hot and Cold Rolled Steel

Hot and Cold Rolled Steel

Midlake Aluminum


Our Equipment

AMADA Ensis 6kW Fiber Laser   |   BySmart 4kW Fiber Laser with ByTrans Automation

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