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Laser cut and turret punch

Laser / Punch Combo

Our combination machine can be used for hole punching, embossing, forming, tapping, and other sheet metal operations while maintaining the flexibility of a fiber laser machine.

Fiber Laser Technology

Midlake uses fiber laser technology, which is a precise and cost-effective method for cutting sheet metal. Using a laser beam to cut metal gives us the flexibility to cut virtually any configuration.

Increase Value

Combining laser cutting and turret punching into a single machine can significantly increase production efficiency and reduce lead times. Turret punching is efficient for creating holes, slots, and various geometric shapes and 3D forms in metal sheets, while laser cutting provides flexibility for complex part geometries.


Our fully automated 8-shelf tower allows us to load and unload material without manual intervention. Automated part picking helps save our customers money by reducing labor costs and allows for 24/7 lights out production.

Laser Punch

Why a laser punch combination machine?

The combination of laser cutting and punching in a single machine allows for a wide range of metal fabrication capabilities. It can handle a variety of tasks, from simple hole punching and forming to intricate cutting and engraving. Adding features such as tapped holes, embosses, louvres, and forms at the punch can eliminate secondary operations down steam, ultimately saving customers money.

Our Equipment


3kW Fiber Laser   |   33-Ton Punch   |   Automatic Tool Changer
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