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Midlake Press Brake Forming

Press Brake Forming

Press brake forming allows for the precise and accurate bending of metal, ensuring that components meet the tightest tolerances and specifications.

Off-line Programming

Offline programming helps streamline the setup process for bending operations. Operators can create and fine-tune bending programs in advance, ensuring that the machine is ready to go as soon as the next job is loaded for maximum productivity.

Automatic Tool Changer

Our Amada ATC ensures precise and consistent tool changes, reducing the likelihood of human error and maintaining the quality of bent parts. Set-up times are reduced from 40 minutes to less than 5 minutes, saving customers money.

Bend Indicator

Bend indicator technology measures the accuracy of each bend, adjusting automatically for factors such as variations in material thickness. This ensures we hold our bends to the tightest tolerances.

Press Break Services

Quality Press Brake Services

As part of our metal fabrication services, Midlake offers press braking using state-of-the-art bending equipment and software. Our experienced press brake operators, combined with our advanced equipment, make Midlake a preferred choice for our customers who need precision press brake forming. We can offer exceptional quality, repeatability and quicker lead times. 

Our Equipment


145 tons


Off-line programming


Bend indicator technology


Programmable lift arms for large panels


Automatic tool changer; set-up times under 4 minutes.


10’ of bed length for stage bending

8 Press Brakes

Ranging from 80-145 tons


Up to 10’ of bed length


Offline programming


Dedicated tooling for various material types and thicknesses

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