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Midlake Products Custom Hinges

Custom Hinges

Custom hinges play a crucial role in many industries where standard hinges do not meet the precise needs of a product. Custom hinges provide design flexibility and tailored solutions for applications ranging from heavy industrial machinery to delicate medical equipment and everything in between. Midlake combines decades of experience in the hinge and hardware industry with state-of-the-art sheet metal capabilities.

Our extensive library of hinge tooling allows us to fabricate hinge curls directly into sheet metal parts. Today, Midlake specializes in manufacturing hinges out of sheet metal to our customer’s exact specifications in production.

No Expensive Tooling

Laser cutting allows us to produce complex hinge geometries without the need for expensive tooling. Changes can be made quickly without re-tooling penalties.

Shorter Lead times

Our extensive library of hinge tooling combined with the flexibility of laser cutting allows us to go right into production with your product.

Added Value

We offer secondary operations such as spring assembly, PEM hardware, powder coating and more all under one roof.

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