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Midlake | Sheet Metal Precision

Sheet Metal Precision, Driving Production Excellence

At Midlake Products, we're more than just a sheet metal fabricator; we're your dedicated partner in turning your metal projects into reality. With a commitment to quality, precision, and delivery, we have been serving a diverse range of industries since 1987, and we're proud to be your one-stop solution for all your sheet metal needs.


We provide a one-stop solution with our metal fabrication, powder coating, and assembly capabilities all in-house.


Your specification and quality requirements are non-negotiable, and we understand that you absolutely must meet your specs. Our team of engineers utilizes processes to meet even the most demanding requirements.


Every industry has unique needs and standards. Our extensive experience allows us to manufacture metal components and assemblies for agriculture, medical, food processing, material handling, and more.

Metal Manufacturing

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We understand the needs of OEMs, job shops, and industrial manufacturers. Tell us what you need to complete your project!

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