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Custom Hinge

Custom Hinges

Custom hinges play a crucial role in many industries where standard hinges do not meet the precise needs of a product. Custom hinges provide design flexibility and tailored solutions for applications ranging from heavy industrial machinery to delicate medical equipment and everything in between. Midlake combines decades of experience in the hinge and hardware industry with state-of-the-art sheet metal capabilities.

Our extensive library of hinge tooling allows us to fabricate hinge curls directly into sheet metal parts. Today, Midlake specializes in manufacturing hinges out of sheet metal to our customer’s exact specifications in production.

No Expensive Tooling

Laser cutting allows us to produce complex hinge geometries without the need for expensive tooling. Changes can be made quickly without re-tooling penalties.

Shorter Lead times

Our extensive library of hinge tooling combined with the flexibility of laser cutting allows us to go right into production with your product.

Added Value

We offer secondary operations such as spring assembly, PEM hardware, powder coating and more all under one roof.

Custom Built For Your Specific Application

Midlake can manufacture your integrated hinge and the surrounding parts, unifying everything into one component for smooth operation. We can provide specialty finishes to your specifications and ship a ready-to-use hinge.

custom hinge

Gravity Hinges:
Heavy Duty Gravity Hinges for Doors

Our Gravity Self-Closing Hinges use gravity instead of springs for a safer, stronger option.

They’re designed with emergency access in mind. Typical spring hinges can cause doors to slam shut, and the springs are susceptible to breaking.

Midlake is North America’s premier manufacturer of gravity hinges, also known as continuous helix style hinges or bathroom partition hinges.

Our gravity hinges combine a safety edge with a satin finish, providing a safer option with no sharp edges.

Advantages of Automated Laser Cutting

Our advanced laser-cutting technologies offer benefits that give you a competitive edge, including:

Gravity Hinges Are Excellent For:

Large, heavy door applications


High-traffic areas such as
schools and airports


Cost-Effective Custom

Custom Heavy Duty Hinges

Midlake is often referred to in the industry as the “Heavy Hinge Supplier” as we specialize in manufacturing off our curled hinge types from .060” thick material all the way up to .250” thick material. Midlake also manufacturers hinges that are laser cut, welded, fabricated and machined that require bushings, bearings and grease fittings.

There are many types of heavy duty hinges. In fact, almost every standard hinge and many of the custom hinges are available in a heavy duty version or can be made in one. Heavy duty hinges are designed to handle a greater load and stand up to greater abuse, whether it is more frequent opening and closing or a violent environment, such as a marine environment.

Materials and Finishes

At Midlake, if you can envision it, we can help make it a reality so your options for materials and finishes are abundant. Often, heavy duty hinges are made with steel because it is able to sustain a great deal of tension and pressure. Customers may choose to finish their custom hinge in any number of ways to create the appropriate look for their product.


Where heavy duty hinges can be found

Other uses include:

Marine Uses

Transportation and Trucking

Food Services to Keep Coolers Closed

These hinges are everywhere you look – from your car door to the bus to the refrigerator in a warehouse or restaurant. These load-bearing components are essential whenever a great deal of work needs to be done or heavy components must be jointed by something that won’t break under the pressure.

The difference between a standard hinge and one of these is significant: a heavy duty door hinge can sustain over three times the load of a standard door hinge. That means that if a standard version of the hinge can hold up to 600 pounds, the heavy duty one is able to hold a door that weighs up to 2,000 pounds!

The most common places that an average person would notice these hinges at work would be on heavy equipment or lockers.

Custom Hinges Manufactured to Your Exact Specifications

Unique hinges built to your exact specifications are possible. At Midlake, we have more than 30 years of experience in the custom hinge business.

Built for your specific application

Whether you need a simple custom hinge with specific hole locations or more unique profiles with forms and bends, PEM hardware, machined pins, springs or 3D Printing, Midlake can do it. We make hinges for every industry.

Midlake specializes in manufacturing
hinges that don’t exist off the shelf.

By combining the capabilities of a metal fabricator with the experience of a hinge manufacturer, we make custom hinges cost effective, even with shorter lead times.

Examples of Custom Hinges

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