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Hardware Insertion/Pemming

Our technology allows us to quickly seat a large variety of fasteners.  


Midlake can insert hardware into different material types such as steel, stainless steel and aluminum. We have experience with standoffs, studs, nuts, spacers and much more. We can work with both imperial and metric hardware.

Haeger Machine

Haeger Machine 

Our Haeger machines enable us to properly seat a large variety of fasteners in less time. Haeger is the world leader in innovative fastener insertion machinery. These machines allow Midlake to be provide our customers with the most efficient service and an excellent product. 

In-House Hardware Insertion/Pemming 

As part of our metal fabrication services, Midlake offers in-house hardware insertion/pemming. As self-clinching fasteners have become more prevalent, we invested in our manufacturing capabilities so we could provide our customers with this added benefit. 

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